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The more we know about plants, the more we can make a difference in the world. This is where BLOOM! comes in – to help you communicate the power of plants to your students.  By integrating plant-based concepts into your required curriculum, you can inspire kids to appreciate the plant world and introduce them to a life-long passion – and perhaps even a career.

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BLOOM! creates creative content that is specifically designed to engage and educate youth. The short videos produced illustrate different aspects of horticulture in a way that kids can understand. These videos will help your students expand their knowledge and understand the world of plants.

Did You Know?

Third grade is the average age schools stop teaching about plants and start teaching about animals and human biology.

The average American can recognize over 1,000 brands and logos but fewer than 10 plants in their local areas.

Horticulturists are solving some of the world’s biggest problems.

People working in plant careers – known as “horticulturists” – are using their plant knowledge to solve some of our biggest challenges like feeding a growing world, climate change and clean water.

The “green-collar” industry is home to more than 100 professions.

Horticulturists hold a number of diverse jobs that span the art, science, technology and business of plants, including drone specialists, plant scientists, landscape architects and urban farmers to name a few.

Introducing kids to nature at an early age is the best way to protect the planet.

National studies have found that children who are exposed to the natural world at a young age are more likely to appreciate nature and preserve and protect it for the future.

BLOOM! has teamed up with Scholastic to create a suite of tools and resources for educators to use as part of existing youth programs and interactions to demystify the field of horticulture – the art, science, technology and business of growing plants. Access the BLOOM! in-classroom educational resources and encourage your students to get excited and learn about the potential of our natural world.

Plant Jobs

There are over 100 plant jobs in the art, science, technology, and business of plants!

Plant jobs are no ordinary job! Jobs working with plants allow for the possibility to make a difference in how our food is made, how our parks are built, how nature is preserved, how innovations are made, and more!

Want to learn more? Visit Seed Your Future to discover the many jobs working with plants!

Click the link below to learn all the details of every plant-related job. Scroll through the career resource developed by Seed Your Future to educate the future about the opportunities working with plants!

Know of other available programs and materials that are exciting today’s youth about the power of plants? Contact us and we’ll help spread the word through BLOOM!