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Welcome to BLOOM!

BLOOM! is the movement to change the world through the power of plants. You can grow this movement and make it whatever you want it to be. Start by checking out our resources to discover all the surprising ways that plants are making a difference in our communities and planet, and meet some of the cool people making it happen. 

While you’re here, be sure to take our quiz to find your own plant power, and stay connected by following the movement:

Did You Know?

Horticulturists are solving some of the world’s biggest problems.

People working in plant careers – known as “horticulturists” – are using their plant knowledge to solve some of our biggest challenges like feeding a growing world, climate change and clean water.

Plants are everywhere!

There are more than 400,000 plant species in the world, and about 2,000 of them are used to make food.

You can find plant power in places you’d never expect.

“Green-collar” professionals, as horticulturists are often called, are making playing fields safer for your favorite athletes, creating the fabric in your favorite clothes, and making the world a happier place. That sure is a lot of plant power!

Explore the Plant Powers!

Here are just a few of the kinds of people changing the world today through the power of plants.

Take our interactive quiz to find your plant power!

The Challenger

You’re The Challenger, but you already knew that. You feel the wind at your back when you’re taking the field. You have the power to use plants in a way that gives you a home field advantage. A real game changer. Don’t let anything stand in your way. Ready, set, go!

The Guru

You’re The Guru because that’s just the way you’re wired. A techie at the brink of new discoveries. You’re interested in powering the world through plants and solving some of our most pressing challenges. You’re plugged-in, connected and ready to change the world!

The Artist

You see the world in your own way because you’re an Artist. You blow minds with your vision of making the world a more beautiful place. You can see it in your mind’s eye and it’s gonna be awesome. Now go. Create!

The Foodie

When food tastes great, life just seems that much better. Foodies like you are interested in everything – how things are made, finding and growing the right ingredients and reimagining how to use them. Yours is the power of taste. Take life by the greens and put those plant powers to work. We’re hungry!

The Trendsetter

You’re the Trendsetter. The original. Ahead of the pack. You use plants in a totally new and unexpected way. You’re the first to know what’s fresh or rock a look in a way only you could’ve imagined. When you walk into a room, heads turn, because you’ve got the power!

The Health-Nut

Exercise and nutrition are no laughing matter when you’re The Health Nut. You care about how you’re living and you’re much smarter and stronger for it. But, it’s not just about you. You have the power to make everyone around you healthier, too. Just make sure you’re fueled up and ready to go!

The Mastermind

It doesn’t take a genius to understand the universe. But it takes a Mastermind, and that’s you. You have the power to decode nature’s most complex mysteries and remix them in a way that can make the world better. But with great power, comes great responsibility. And you, my friend, can handle it!

The Guardian

If there’s anyone who’s got Earth’s back, it’s you – The Guardian. You have the brains and the courage to stand up to anyone who doesn’t get what’s at risk. With their help, we can make the world more livable. We can design ways to clean the air, filter the water and feed the planet. This world is worth fighting for. Charge!